The Florence Acadamy of Art

“What does great art do? How does it accomplish it’s greatness? Why do you think that’s happening? What makes it stand out? Are you applying that thinking to your own work? Because it’s going to direct what you do.”

[vimeo 99367408 w=620&h=350]

Granted, these are personal and subjective questions, by attempting to answer them we open the doors to our own perception. For me, great art inspires – not only to grow as an artist but also to self-reflect. Great art, or rather great artists, reveal understanding through action. Great art instills in me reverence for beauty and for life itself.

The painting below is a masterpiece by Jeremy Lipking. How does his art, or rather the artist, accomplish greatness as inquired by Daniel Graves? While it’s obvious Jeremy has spent countless hours observing light in different scenarios, his art consistently reveals an incredible degree of draftsmanship and a thorough understanding of design. He shows mastery in his use of broken  brushstrokes; his uncanny ability to see and paint nuances within close color temperatures and value families; and his ability to resist the temptation of blending everything into one thing; which allows differences to coexist alongside one another harmoniously. These aspects combined give pulse and breath to his paintings.

“What makes it stand out?” Jeremy paints with exceedingly high standards beyond what most can endure. He conveys beauty with clarity and conviction in a way that people can relate to. What he understands is evident in his works.

“Am I applying this to my own art?” I’m working on it. His paintings have led me to self-reflect on my own interpretations of beauty and to grow.

Thank you Jeremy Lipking for the inspiration.